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Angelina Jolie Charity Foundation's Africa representative sent this video to Angelina.
After receiving the video and with the prompt support of the Angelina Jolie Foundation, this girl [Amara (this means ‘Grace and kindness’)] underwent surgery right away and received continuous treatment made improved, and was able to resolve it with continuous management of the Angie Foundation. 

Living and growing up in poverty and low-income families Children and families experience many disadvantages due to unhealthy lifestyles. Children living in poverty face hunger, disease, and insecurity every day. Millions of children around the world do not have access to basic necessities such as food, clean water, sanitation, medicine, housing, and education, but there is hope. We can help poor children have a better future in many ways.


Angelina Jolie is currently building her charity center in Ethiopia, Africa, and is expanding her charitable foundation there. She also supports and funds humanitarian work and human rights issues, medical and educational facilities for children on an ongoing basis, and works a lot with foundation people. Dream Mission also helps and cooperates with each other by sharing the philanthropic efforts of the Angelina Jolie Foundation


Angie likes normal people like you.  I converse with Angie almost every day, sharing information about her philanthropy. As  I converse with Angie, I was able to feel a deep feeling of her dedication and enthusiasm, as well as being a comfortable friend and philanthropic partner. We will do anything for charity and she knows it!     [Min K]  

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