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You Get What You Believe

Some scientists believe you get what you really think,
It means your thoughts can create your future.
It’s because your body has the capability of creating hormones, That will defend itself.

So taking this theory into the experiment, they took a prisoner who was to be haltered. They told the prisoner, We will release you once the cobra snake bites you, and when they told this, the prisoner was blindfolded.

The Prisoner Died Of fear. The prisoner was cut by two needles,
not by a cobra snake, But because he couldn’t see it,
So he made his assumptions that he was attacked by a snake.
This is why his body created “poison” itself, and that man died.
You get what you believe,
What you think of yourself, If your self-esteem is down, and fear things, Your chances of becoming successful are very less.

On the other hand, If you have the guts to do what you want,
have a positive attitude, and want to do something bigger then
no one in this world can stop you.

Disclaimer. ( I found this story on Internet, and don’t exactly know the origin of it, )

You Get What You Believe

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