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The Doors Of Heart

This is an amazing heart touching story with a moral of an artist.
Once there was an artist, Who was considered incredibly good with his god-gifted talent. People would come to him from a long way to see his arts.
So one day, People asked him to draw a heart with a door in it,
So that they can see how a heart looks. This artist was quite clever and wise.

He wanted to give a twist to the story, He wanted to give a message to these people with his art, So he did something different.
The Door Was missing Handle :When the artist draws the door on a heart, He missed the handle part, At first people felt like it was a mistake, They told the artist to correct it.
But no, The artist did it intentionally,
He didn’t give a handle to the door, And when he was asked
about it, he replied,
The door of the heart opens from inside, not from outside. 

[source:motivational speaks]

The Doors Of Heart

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