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Every No Is Not A Hate Speech

Every No Is Not A Hate Speech
That’s what happened with a  bird, The bird was pregnant was at the point to lay eggs, So she needed to find some shelter where she can place her eggs. It was hot summer and there seemed nothing she could do, But she keeps on trying and trying until she found something.
The Tree Rejected The Bird:  The Bird was extremely Tired and had come to a place where she could finally stay for a while and lay her eggs, but suddenly something bad happened. The tree refused to give shelter to the bird, This tree rejected it, That it will not give any kind of space to the bird. Upon hearing this, the bird got depressed and annoyed, And without saying anything she left the tree and kept on searching for another tree.
The Bird Found Shelter:  Sooner this bird came across another tree, That accepted her. She was finally able to do some rest and lay eggs. Because it was the finest place in the area, and she was not expecting anything bad.
Sometime later when the rainy season came, The tree that did not accept the bird fell on the earth and was about to flow with the rain.
The bird when saw this said, “You get what you do, You rejected me, Now suffer”, the tree after hearing this replied.
” I knew that I am not strong enough, I can’t hold on to myself in the rain, That is why I didn’t give place to you, I knew that if I gave place to you, You and your children will die when it rains.”

Don’t ever judge people with their no’s. Sometimes people reject you because they see something good in it, They see better opportunities, Which is why they reject.

[source :motivational speaks]

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